Former Wide Receiver
for the Storied U University of Miami
  • Member of 1983 ‘Canes National Championship Team
  • Community & Charity-Driven
  • Revived One of the Worst Neighborhoods in Cleveland (With Bat in Hand and Smile on His Face)

Johnny is in a class by himself. He is down-to-earth, funny as hell, and a truly amazing human being. He has written his own script, created his own art form. His passion lies in creating truly stunning wooden baseball bats. Having perfected this process, he is now making his craftsman’s skills and services available to anyone who wishes to own an amazing piece of badass bat art.

Johnny is well-loved by all who know him. A look at the images on these pages will show you exactly why he is so respected and appreciated by everyone.

Community is very important in Johnny’s heart and soul. He devotes lots of time engaging in charity events and auctions; offering jobs to people who need a second chance in life; and providing support and important life and spiritual advice to young kids and teens who may be in need of uplift.

Johnny stands for responsibility, diligence, and taking the right path, even when it might not be the popular one. Johnny’s idea of fun, which he shares with all those privileged to call him friend, is based on being a good father, a devoted mentor, and an active community leader. All are welcome in Johnny’s workshop.Johnnyville Slugger is all about promoting good cheer, good humor and fellowship.

Johnny is legendary for his character and will power. Some of us say he combines in a single person the determination and charisma of 50 men.Living the dream in the heart of the Cleveland!

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